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to the next level.

“Ready to up your teacher game? Join the Certified WordUp Coach program and unlock a world of possibilities. Help your students excel in their English vocabulary, making you a frontrunner among your peers.”

“As a WordUp Coach, you’ll get the full package – from our team to the tech tools you need to keep your English-teaching career on the up and up. Our program is the stepping stone you need to reach success with each and every student.”

Are you ready to be a

Certified WordUp Coach?

What is WordUp?

“Introducing WordUp – the AI-powered app that gives your students the upper hand in English class!

WordUp combines space repetition, word frequency lists, photo memorization, and multimedia examples like news, movies, quotes, and more – giving your pupils the ultimate way to ace their vocab tests.

Say goodbye to the struggles of learning new words; with WordUp, you and your students have it easy!”

Who can become a coach?

“Are you an English teacher who knows their stuff? Then join us in our program! Kickstart your journey with our online course, so you can level up your understanding of learning science and get the tools to help your students learn faster.

Complete the course, pass the test, and you’ll get certified. Then enjoy the rewards you deserve – from extra cash to the bragging rights of being part of the best of the bunch!”

Teachers' Best Friend

WordUp is more than just complementary to your teachings – it’s like a superpower, helping you turn up the volume in the classroom and get your students engaged. As a Certified WordUp Coach, you’ll be able to take your teaching skills to the next level and help your students learn faster, better, and with more enthusiasm. WordUp is the English teacher’s sidekick, partner in crime, and potentially best friend.

Not just another English app

Other English learning apps hope to outdo you, but they can’t offer the same quality of language learning. But never fear! We firmly believe in your potential to give learners the best possible experience. Your special skills and knowledge, plus the awesome power of AI from WordUp – that’s the secret to success!


6 Reasons to Become a Certified Coach


Accredited Certification

Earn your bragging rights and become a Certified WordUp Coach - the talk of the TESL world!

Free PRO Membership

Score a WordUp PRO Membership for free - it's worth £89 and it's yours!

Monitor Students' Progress

Monitor your students' progress to take your teaching to the next level!

Enjoy student loyalty

Convert your existing students into super fans!

Exclusive Portal Access

Unlock your athletic potential with a trip to our coach portal and its training and analytics dashboard.

Promote your teaching profile

Gain global fame with millions of English learners around the world on our website.

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