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The whys & hows of teaching English online

With over a billion people currently learning English globally, teaching English is always in demand. Learning English is not a hobby anymore; It’s become a necessity. Nowadays English teaching blended with the crazy growth of technology facilitates educating the outnumbered population of English learners.

 Distant learning is capable of connecting native English teachers from North America to students in rural areas in China! Anyone can easily find teachers worldwide with a native accent and excellent teaching skills, therefore there’s high competition in the English teaching market. If you prefer physical classrooms to online learning, maybe this post will convince you to take the plunge.

The whys:

1 – You’ll be as free as birds

By teaching online, you’ll have complete control over your teaching schedule; You can work from the comfy of your home in your PJs or literally from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

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2 – It can be your primary or secondary source of income

It depends on your priorities; you can devote all your time to teaching, or it can be your second occupation if you already have a job.

3- You can be your boss or work for online teaching platforms

If you’re equipped with a TEFL certificate, you can easily apply for the teaching jobs that online platforms offer; or else you can market your teaching skills and manage your teaching occupation yourself. 

4- You can choose whom you’ll teach to or what to teach

It’s your choice whom you want to train: young learners or adults? Besides, you can stand out in the crowd by picking a specialized TEFL niche (e.g., exam preparation courses, English for medical students, or just teaching general English)

5- You will encounter plenty of different cultures

By teaching English online, you will have students from all over the world; You’ll share your language and they will share their culture.

teaching English using internet

6- You won’t pay any penny for commuting

Sitting in front of a screen in your own home will cut out commuting costs and save your time, your money & your globe!

7- You will have access to limitless employment opportunities

If you go online, you will cross the geographical borders; It means an ocean of opportunities will be unlocked for you. Nowadays English learners outnumber native speakers and they’re all looking forward to taking advantage of your professional skills. So there will never be a shortage of learners for you.

8- You will enjoy a low-cost start-up

Starting your online career won’t cost so much. All you need is a personal computer or laptop, a stable internet connection, and a quiet place to teach.

The hows:

1- Enroll in online courses offering occupational opportunities

If you already have your students and you want to develop your teaching profession, you should know that some companies provide some occupational opportunities for established teachers. WordUp, an AI-powered vocabulary learning application, offers some subsidiary programs for its users. WordUp Certified Coach program is designed to provide established English teachers with a professional course on the science of vocabulary teaching and learning. Upon completion of the course and passing a test, they’ll be granted certification and become entitled to a range of benefits and income opportunities such as :

  • Free Eagle membership
  • Discounts for their students 
  • Access to the Enterprise Portal for monitoring students’ progress
  • An extra annual income of $2000
  • Promoting their teaching profile
WordUp App

2- Take advantage of English teaching platforms

If you’re a newbie, you can first start by applying for companies. If you’re a TEFL certificated teacher and they’re satisfied with the interview, you’ll be hired and start your online career at once. Everything is planned on these platforms and students will be waiting for you.

3- Market your skills properly if you’re willing to be an independent teacher

As there are plenty of companies for hiring you, there are also many opportunities for independent souls; You can find your students via social media, online marketing platforms like Preply, and even via your website. In this case, you’ll need to learn some marketing skills to grow your business.

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